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TKG Ep 79 Honoring Isao Aoki

January 11, 2023 The Knackered Golfist Season 1 Episode 79
The Knackered Golfist Podcast
TKG Ep 79 Honoring Isao Aoki
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Show Notes

Happy New Year 2023 from The Knackered Golfist.  

I am sorry but I am not really feeling like the golf bug is biting me at the moment.  I am looking more forward to NFL football rather than watching PGA Tour golf on TV.  And I am not looking forward to golf broadcast commercials.  NO PLAYING THROUGH!!!!   Yikes!!

The new year is upon us and we here are neck deep in the raging  waters with all of the rain and wind here in Northern California.  I am sort of looking forward to when it dries out a bit to at least go to the putting green.  But not the green at Sacramento National.    

Isao Aoki won the Hawaiian Open 40 years ago this week.  I watched a video today published by the PGA Tour Honoring Isao Aoki.  I was happy to have watched this because it was really well done.  Waialae Country Club in Honolulu still hosts this event 40 years later.    

I mention in this episode that I have a profile on what is called ListenApp.   It is an app that is for Android or iPhone that allows followers to participate in a call in sports talk show type of experience with a host who just so happens to have a podcast.  My profile is called TKG Trent on ListenApp.  If someone would like to follow me on ListenApp we could possibly have a call in type of golf themed talk show kind of episode where we can chat about golf stuff.  

Thank you so much for all of the downloads and all of the views on The Knackered Golfist on YouTube in 2022.  I sincerely appreciate it!  

Happy Golf Thoughts to you all!!

Good Day Good Evening Good Night to wherever you may be!!  

TKG was sipping Trader Joe’s Blueberry and Lemon flavored sparkling water during this episode.

So easy to get in and out of, you know. 

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